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How to Avoid Trade Diversion

Trade Diversion or trade deviation is a phenomenon in which trade shifts occur from more efficient suppliers to less efficient

How to Implement Cross Purchasing

Cross product purchasing is a marketing strategy that aims to offer additional products to customers who have purchased the main

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Cases Related to Dusting Attack

Have you ever heard of the "Dusting Attack"? If not, then you are in the right place! Dusting Attack is a cyber attack that threatens the security of cryptocurrency users.

admin admin 7 Min Read

Endowment Factors and Economic Growth

The economy of a country is strongly influenced by various factors, both internal and external factors. One very important factor in the economy is the endowment factor. The endowment factor

admin admin 10 Min Read

Product Sales Analysis Using Pareto Theory

Pareto theory, also known as the Pareto Law or the 80/20 Principle, is a concept developed by an Italian economist

Tips for Successful Liquidity Management

Liquidity Management is a strategy to manage a company's cash flow and liquidity in order to meet financial needs and

Bill of Materials: Definition, Process, and Management

Bill of Materials (BOM) is an important part of the production process. The BOM contains a complete list of all

Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)

CAPM is one of the basic concepts that is important for investors to understand. History records that the CAPM was

Things to consider before making a Replacement Insurance

Insurance is a form of financial protection that provides financial security for individuals and their families. This insurance is a