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How to Implement Cross Purchasing

Cross product purchasing is a marketing strategy that aims to offer additional

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What can companies do to deal with supply shocks

In an economic context, the term "supply shock" refers to a situation when the supply of a good or service

Stages in the Cash to Cash Cycle

The cash-to-cash cycle is an important concept in the business world. This cycle describes the period of time required by

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The Impact of Crony Capitalism on the Economy

Crony capitalism is an economic system based on the interest relationship between businessmen and politicians in influencing public and market policies. The practice of crony capitalism is often associated with

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Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)

CAPM is one of the basic concepts that is important for investors to understand. History records that the CAPM was first introduced in 1964 by William Sharpe, a well-known economist

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Effect of Aggregate Expenditure on the Economy

Aggregate Expenditure is one of the main concepts in macroeconomics. This term refers to the total expenditure made by all

Product Sales Analysis Using Pareto Theory

Pareto theory, also known as the Pareto Law or the 80/20 Principle, is a concept developed by an Italian economist

Tips for Successful Liquidity Management

Liquidity Management is a strategy to manage a company's cash flow and liquidity in order to meet financial needs and

Cases Related to Dusting Attack

Have you ever heard of the "Dusting Attack"? If not, then you are in the right place! Dusting Attack is

Easy Ways to Read Company Financial Statements

The company's financial statements are one of the important documents that must be owned by every company. Financial reports provide